Closing date for FRSC 2018 online recruitment process

   Its no more news that FRSC (FEDERAL ROAD SAFETY CORPS) lunched recruitment portal few weeks ago to fill the vacant positions in the commission. Several millions of people have registered even though the commission needed few set of people to occupy the few vacant cadres available. This can not be tied to any other factor rather than the unemployment problem in Nigeria which make Millions of Unemployed youths to fight for single loaf of bread knowing fully that it will never go round and will never satisfy their hunger instead it causes them more hunger.
This parable can be related to how people still spend much money to get registered for unsure employment. The payment includes; bribe to FRSC officials, Processing of urgent Driver License, Cafe registration fee extortion and lots more.
After all these, it is crystal glaring that the case will end up being survival of the fitest and the unfit will regret why wasting their money in the first place.
Note: this is not word of discouragement rather it is the bitter truth and they say truth is always bitter.
Let’s keep praying and pressing button, I pray God favour us all.
On the closing date
There are several factors that made people to be so eager to know the closing date of this recruitment registration exercise. Some of them are;
– Those who had successfully registered are eager to know what the next step would be.
– Those who had one problem or the other in their registration process are scared of been locked out of the registration, hence the need to know the closing date.
-Those who are still undergoing compulsory 1year National Youth Service who also wish to put in for the recruitment but their passing out date is still unknown and without this, their certificate will not be made available for the registration process.
Keep calm closing date is still some weeks away.
As they do say, everything that has beginning must have an end. the closing date for the registration process is July 9th. This fact was deduced from the FRSC website where it was stated categorically that the registration process will last for 6 weeks from date of advert placement. The advert was placed on 28th May, calculating 6 weeks plus this date gives the date above. Read details here
So, therefore, the closing date for the ongoing online FRSC recruitment process is July 9th 2018.
Hope this piece was helpful?
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