1. How can I earn from TOOLOADED NG as reader or publisher?

Answer: This is very simple, you can earn points for Registering on TOOLOADED NG, reading posts, publishing posts, sharing posts and commenting as the case may be. All you to do is to Sign up.

  1. How can I request for my earnings?

Answer: You could request for your earnings once you are ready. All you need to do is to check the point’s conversion table and select the one that suits you most. After this, screenshot your dashboard showing your username and points earned, and submit via Cashout Request form. Your request will be attended to within 24-48hrs

  1. How can I sign up to earn money?

Answer: please click here to sign up

  1. What other ways could earn me money on TOOLOADED NG?

Answer: You could earn money in a numerous way on TOOLOADED NG, some of them are;

  1. Become freelance worker sign up
  2. Refer people to become freelance worker.
  3. You could earn money by referring advertisers to TOOLOADED NG ADVERT SERVICES. In this, you could earn as much as 30% of payment made by advertisers through this.
  4. You could earn money by referring people to buy digital and physical products on TOOLOADEDMART. You stand to earn as much as 1/3 of price of digital products bought through you while you could also earn between 5-10% on physical products.
  1. How does TOOLOADED NG make money to pay me?

Answer: TOOLOADED NG earns money solely from advert placement and this is why it is important and necessary for our readers and publishers to help in sharing sponsored posts when encountered. These posts could be shared on facebook, twitter and whatsapp by just clicking on the share links.

For further enquiries, please make use of our life chat or send mail to tooloadedng@gmail.com/admin@tooloaded.com.ng.

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