For more than 2months now, we have been rocking Cheap Glo Data Bundles.

We are not selfish and that’s why we have called upon you to join us to enjoy this unlimited cheap/free Data bundles ranging from 6GB to 30GB.

How it works?

With these steps, you can get multiple of 6 to 30GB forever:

  • First buy your own 6GB to 30GB from Tooloaded NG for just 800 – 4,300 and Refer 5 buyers to buy same plan to get extra 6GB to 30GB for free(Depending on plans purchased).
  • Or Refer 6 Buyers (if you do not have money to buy your own) directly to buy between 6 to 30GB to get your bonus of 6 to 30GB for free.
  • Or just Refer people to buy up to 36GB (by multiple/Single Buyer) and get 6GB for free each time you make/repeat the sales, even if it’s 100times.


You will continue to get the data plan continuously as long as your referred buyers repeats purchase or you are able to bring more buyers to buy same plan.

Terms and Conditions

  • All plans are Linked plans i.e purchased bundle will be linked to to your Glo line directly from which you can share(not Transfer) with friends and Families.
  • No code to check balance but you can always get your balance through Data usage option on your phone.
  • Offer is available for Glo users only.

To buy, Click Here Or WhatsApp Us

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