How to create or design a responsive website or blog with less than 3k = $9 (real domain name and hosting included) under 48hrs.

How to create/design a responsive website/blog with less than 3k (real domain name and hosting included) under 48hrs.

Gone are those day when talking about website steers people away swiftly simply because of the cost involved and technical know. Like every other aspect of life, things always tends to be more easier as time goes on. This has been the trend of web/blog creation this day.

Now you can create a well responsive website that even developer will need to ask whether you did it on your own or a developer did it for you. Also developer will need to ask whether you used template or you designed from scratch.

Knowledge is light as people do say. One needs it to break some possible barriers that looks impossible.

Tooloaded NG is ready to train you on how to create a responsive web or blog for your business or services with less thank 3k under 48hrs.
We have organized different online and physical seminars in which you can benefit from this unbeatable and uncommon opportunity to gain the know how knowledge of how to create your own website and monetize it and/or be able to create/design website for people around you to start making money for yourself.

Sample of some of our previous works, click to check them out.
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How to participate
1. Choose your preferred choice:
a. online (whatsapp or email seminar session)
b. physical training session ( for those in South Western part of Nigeria.
3. Choose between personal (one on one class) or general class (group).
4. Choose Payment according to your pocket and your personality. N700 or $2 (for general online class) or N1000 or $4 (for personal online class) or N1,000 or $4 (for general physical class) or 1,500 or $6 ( personal physical class)

  1. You could also get our training manual (E-book) for as low as N700. To buy, register with registration link below, make payment and send details as directed. Download link or e-book will be sent to you.

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6. Register here
7. Make payment here

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