Immorality!! Evangelist Impregnates 15years old chorister

The four-year old relationship between a church evangelist, Nchedo and his wife-to-be, Ogoo has crashed after Nchedo lured and impregnated a 15-year old church chorister, secrete unvieled.


It was gathered that the man confessed that the reason why he impregnated the chorister was because the Ogoo had refused to allow him his conjugal rights.

It was gathered that the couple vowed after their introduction vowed to remain chaste unless they concluded all the tradition marriage rites and church wedding.

But, Nchedo got bored for those years, lost emotional control and lured the victim before having carnal knowledge of her.

When the incident went public, the chorister confessed that the pastor is the one responsible for her pregnancy to the surprise of fellow church members who knew him for being strong in the faith.

The incident happened at Abaranje, Customs bus stop in Ikotun area of Lagos where Nchedo resided and where he lured the victim. But his wife, Ogoo was still living at Ijegun area of Lagos waiting to move into her husband’s home.

It was gathered that the couple used to attend the same church located at Agege area of Lagos where they met. They had agreed to get married with the consent of their pastor and had travelled down to their home town Ihiala in Anambra State for introduction and certain rites. They came back to Lagos thereafter but still remained apart as they had vowed.


However, Nchedo had challenges in his business and they were unable to conclude the other part of the marriage including the wedding. It was gathered that the wife had sought to renounce the vow so that she will move into her husband’s home but the man refused claiming that it will be a scandal in the church.

When Nchedo was mentioned as the one who got the chorister pregnant, it became a problem because of his position in the church. The pastor then summoned the elders to a meeting in order to manage the crisis. At the meeting, Nchedo admitted and promised to marry chorister to cover the shame.


The elders asked him what will be the fate of his wife and he replied that he may as well marry the two of them in the interest of peace. However, Nchedo lost both the wife and the girl following the decision taken by the wife and the girl’s parents.

It was gathered that the wife opted out of the marriage and asked him to move on and marry the girl he had already impregnated. The parents of the victim rejected the marriage offer claiming that it will ruin the victim’s education and the victim cannot afford be a mother at that age.

It was confirmed that the wife had already gotten a suitor and the traditional wedding will be taking place on 9 January, 2019 in Anambra State.

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