Kemi Olunloyo blasts Christianity,embraced Islam

The well known in the Nigeria media space for her unending controversies, popular media personality, Kemi Olunloyo, has announced her wish to convert to Islam.

Self acclaimed investigative journalist and social media personality, Kemi Olunloyo, who is the controversial daughter of former governor of Oyo State, has taken to her Instagram page @kemiolunloyo, to declare that she is converting from Christianity to Islam.

Few months ago, Madam KOO as she is fondly called by her fans and supporters, had announced that she has finally repented and given her life to Christ in the church pastored by her one-time enemy and General Overseer of Salvation Ministries in Port Harcourt.

Kemi who made the latest announcement of her wish to become a Muslim, gave reasons for her decision.

Below is how she shared her story;


Kemi Onlunloyo (Photo credit:

“I’m converting to #Islam soon. My grandma died at 102yrs. She’ll be proud of me. I stayed with her 3 years from 10-13yo cos my school was closer to her house. We prayed 5 times daily instead of once a week with EVIL PEOPLE, celebrated lots of different #Eid and #Ramadan parties. Islam is where I can find PEACE and it’s the religion of peace.

“I hope u people realize I went to a Catholic church all my life and Catholic school while I was living with my grandma. I went to mass March 12th 2017 till my life changed when I was dragged out of my home March 14th 2017 by armed police on orders of the IGP on behalf of a pastor.

“The #ptsd I have been battling has been ignored by everyone. I’m done with Christianity. It has brought me turmoil. Anyone who has islamophobia should unfollow me please. Nothing is forever. Islam is the peace I need. THE END!

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