WordPress blog media files missing? Here is a Very quick and perfect solution

At a point in time you may observed your web layout has changed from what it used to be to a scattered form. Also, pictures,videos and other media file may disappear and you feel like things might have fell apart for your website.

Do not panic, it’s a simple problem caused by your actions or inactions.

Sometimes it may be from your host server but the most common ones are from your end.

You might have mistakenly delete or add incompatible code to your codes of recent hence the result you are now seeing.

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[adinserter block =”4″]In a situation like this, the problem is mostly from the theme(some themes misbehaves on their own especially when you are using free one) you are using especially when you can still find your files in ftp,public html and so on.

The easiest way to rectify this is to simply change your theme. Once you do that, the problem is solved. If you so much desire the previous theme, make sure you first delete it completely then redownload and install again.

However, if the problem persists after this, then you can do any of this two steps:

1. Restore your website to earlier perfect stage through back up and restore section in Cpannel.

  1. Send a mail to your host server and it will be rectified for you.

Hope this was helpful?

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