Rumor; Emmanuella,small girl comedian is pregnant.

Emmanuella the child star of Nigerian movies – pregnant?! It seemed nobody would believe it but some people really did!
Emmanuella Samuel, the child star with an award already, was reported to be pregnant by an unknown father. Being under the charge of Mark Angel, the kid has become the center of gossip after an article circulated online.
It was said in the article that Mark Angel himself had claimed that the child was pregnant.
The possible father, it was said in the same article, was a neighbour, Emmanuella’s schoolmate.
Finally, the article said that Mark Angel had allegedly spoken about the abortion in order to preserve the child’s career and in general, not to ruin her life.
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Eventually, the gossip built on this article even started claiming that Emmanuella pregnant of Mark Angel himself but he wanted to conceal the crime by inventing some neighbour guy.
People seemed to believe the news because the information spread faster than hot pies.
It took people only a short while to create and distribute around the Web pictures of Emmanuella with what they called a baby bump. The pictures cannot be found now any more but their appearance shows how people often trust the wildest fantasies of those who create sensational news without even thinking that such things are completely impossible.
Emmanuella Samuel was born in 2010. She was still a baby when Mark Angel saw a big potential in her. He really made a big star of the child and gave her a chance of revealing her talent. Now, she is the most influential child in Nigeria, a young comedy star with an outstanding talent that’s appreciated by both viewers and critics. Even though it’s still quite hard for the tiny star to act correctly from the very first attempt, she copes very well. It’s certain that many new movies with her are upcoming and it’s also certain that she’s not pregnant and has never been. She’s still a little girl, please!
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