Six (6) factors to consider before wasting your time and money on the ongoing FRSC 2018 recruitment process.

Six (6) factors to consider before wasting your time and money on the ongoing FRSC 2018 recruitment process.
 Generally speaking, before you put in for any serious job especially the ones that requires that you spend some amounts of money during its registration process, you must be sure you have at least 60% chance of been employed. Anything less than this, you have subjected yourself to game of chance or let me say game of probability.
Same applies to the ongoing FRSC recruitment process in Nigeria. A lot of people just heard about the recruitment and jumped out of their bed, rushed to cafe and pay exorbitant money just to be registered for an unsure/unguaranteed job.
Before you waste your energy on the recruitment process and end up abusing the commission or federal government in the future, check yourself with following questions if you are truly qualify for the supposed job.
– Do you really know how to drive and went through registered driving school? Do you even know Nigerian Law governing road traffic, road signs and many more?
– Do you meet the required height stipulated by the commission? The height is not a joke at all as it is very useful for recruitment for force related commissions.
– Are you a graduate or studied the prescribed courses for each of the cadres?
– Are your certificates intact and correct both printing and statements in them?
– Are you sure of your health? Do you think you can stand on the road for that long? Check around you for the nearest FRSC office, few are on the seat while 80% of them are always on the road standing.
– Think within you, what special qualification do you think you have to compete for this job that millions of people are ready to fight for?
Remember this is not to discourage you in anyway, it just a bitter truth and a guide for you to spend less on the registration process.
Hope this peice was helpful?
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