Click to advertise or message us on whatsapp                                     DID YOU ENCOUNTERED PROBLEM OF TIME OUT ERROR WHILE TRYING TO LOAD A PARTICULAR WEBSITE WHILE OTHER WEBSITES OPENS FINE?                               
DO NOT WORRY, HERE IS THE SOLUTION: WHY THIS PROBLEM OF ERROR TIME OUT (unable to load url)? The major cause of this problem is as a result of IP blockage. whichever network you used to browse a website regularly, when the website SSL noticed irregularities in your visit or activities on this website, the first thing SSL will do is to block your IP hence you will not be able to load such website until IP is unblocked.                                         HOW TO UNBLOCK IP
There  are two ways to these; if the website belongs to you, it is very simple to tackle, but if the website is not yours but you are a user of the web platform, you will need to take extra steps.  1. IF YOU OWN THE WEBSITE:  if the website belongs to you, all you need to do is login in to your web host account and go to your dashboard/client’s area depending on your hosting platform.
[adinserter block =”6″]
 click manage account and there you will see unblock IP as in the case of the picture below                         

 click on it and you will see list of blocked IPs, just unblock all if you don’t have anyone you blocked personally.


  1. If the website does not belong to you, the same steps above will be done but would be carried out by that particular site admin. so therefore, the extra work needed here is to write to notify the admin to unblock your IP for you.

Hope the piece was helpful?

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