Three (3) sure ways to make money before, during and after election in Nigeria.


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  1. BECOME SOCIAL MEDIA ADVERTISER: The number one easiest way to make money legally in Nigeria Election period is to become an advertiser of a particular aspirant or party. Thank God to social media that made this easy though for those that could take advantage of it. Social media advert in this discuss could be in form of the two options below.

– Get gigs directly by yourself by approaching politicians around you that you could promote their advert on your social media for certain period of time and you will be paid for job well done. This could earn you millions of Naira only if you have the charisma. If you have chosen this option, please do it diligently and never take money from two opposition party’s aspirants or same party aspirants.

– Working with existing social media advert platforms or companies. I know this had cost a lot of pain to many people in the past but do not forget, if you do not loose sometimes you may not gain (no pain no gain). To those that does not know about this before, there exists a lot of companies that run social media adverts in Nigeria and they do require service of interested individual social to do this on terms of monthly payment for service. There are three things that are negatively common in the system they all operate:

i. They require registration fee between N3, 000 – N5, 000 which could be unaffordable for majority of those who may be willing to work with them.

ii. They require certain number of followers or friends the applicant has before been paid and this would be after one must have shared countless number of their daily posts. This is very bad as people tend to lose money they have worked so hard for. Also, those that mostly have this required number of followers are those that bought followers.

iii. They mostly end-up running away with people’s money. To those that have participated in one way or the other, you must have experienced this. Those that reaped-big are mostly those who first started with them, they must have gotten their money before things fall apart.

NOTE: Their running away after a while into the system is not always intentional rather it is due to unforeseen crash due to improper management, bad business forecast and finally promising people what they could not realize. (e.g paying N500 daily to more than N5000 Publishers when they are not even getting gigs up to N2M in a month. If you do the calculation you will realize where they are falling.)

There is a Yoruba adage that says “if we should close our eyes waiting for bad person to pass by, countless number of good people will also pass by”

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 It’s no more news that INEC as a body in Nigeria cannot employ permanent staffs to carry out all assignments in their official system not to talk of elections. They do not have such staff strength to organize election in Nigeria without employing short service of willing Nigerians as Adhoc staffs to help them carry out numerous form of assignment before, during and after election in Nigeria.  Although, Nigeria youth service corps members are the most category of people employed by this body but they still make use of reasonable number of non-serving personnel. You can check this link to check if you are qualified. If yes, register and make at least 26k under 2 weeks.


This is very simple and straightforward as you can see. All you need is charisma and courage and prayer to meet top politicians and promise to work for them and be rewarded with job or contracts later. The contract aspect may be somehow difficult if you do not own a company to receive such contract. But not to fear about for now, you could always find way around that later as they do say “when we get to the bridge; we will know how to cross it”.

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