Live footage (CCTV) of latest Bank Robbery-Offa, Kwara state.

Live footage (CCTV) of latest Bank Robbery in Offa, Kwara state.

It is no more news that a deadly attack by armed robbers was carried out in Offa Kwara state Nigeria.The attack led to death of more than 30 people including police officers,bank’s security personnels,offa citizens and passers-by.

This video shows the  Robbers in action in one of the five banks attacked.

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8 easy ways to make $2000 online sharply

8 easy ways to make money $2000 quickly

The world has become a small village, no longer need to travel to work and make money, everything is available here, from your site on that couch. So what can you do?

ways to profit from the internet

With the availability of the Internet everywhere, there are many required jobs that do not need to travel daily to the workplace, just look for a job that suits your skills, but do not think you will get a small amount in return, you can get the same salary – or higher – the work that makes you spend most of your time in transportation.

So here’s a list of the most wanted jobs in the world of the Internet.

1 – Free author
Someone writes on a laptop

Now and more than ever, there is a great need for independent writers to work in writing articles or content, and perhaps in the area of suggesting some creative ideas for some sites to attract more visitors, many major sites already have their own book, but many sites also tend to outsource Independent writers to accomplish their work.

If you have the required experience, this is, of course, a point for you, but if you do not have it, all you need is ambition and perseverance. Develop your ability to analyze daily events, which will provide you with ideas for action and thus continue and succeed in this area.

2 – Default Assistant

In today’s technology era, many companies have gone to full-scale work on the Internet, creating the need for virtual assistants to maintain the business system and perform various administrative tasks.

The default assistant profession varies from company to company. Some companies need to complete documents on different businesses, while others need to respond to incoming email inquiries, create the required business content or other business.

Sit in your house or in a coffee shop, take a deep breath and do your work, great helper.

3 – Web designer or graphic designer alike
Web Design

Of course, all companies want to attract visitors to their websites. So the visitor should feel that this site offers different things in different ways worth its time and attention, the more content and attractive the site, the more time visitors spend on the site. Here comes the role of the designer in drawing the attention of people, attracting them to participate and interact, and who resist the temptations of attractive sites?

4 – Account Manager of social networks
Social networks

Almost all companies, even business people, went to social media to reach customers directly without spending much on radio or television ads.

Of course, there are paid ads on the means of communication, but their prices are low for the means of previous ads.

Of course, not all companies rely on individuals outside the organization to manage their accounts, which leads independent individuals to promote themselves as accountants; to pay other companies to hire or work with them to increase the company’s growth, and expand the scope of work. If you have the ability to collect as many people as possible in a social networking account, congratulations on the need for employers to hire you.

Step by Step How to earn more than $ 1,000 a month on your Instagram account

5 – Director of the marketing email

This function is specifically for those who are responsible for designing, organizing advertising campaigns for businesses using e-mail, and for those who manage their followers’ lists as a database for potential customers. These jobs are usually filled by those who have a significant background in public relations, marketing and communication skills. Others.

Having a background in graphic design and web design will also increase your positives for that job. Plant fatigue and reap success.

6 – The world of the animation industry

The animation industry has become a very popular work for many thanks to the ability to work online. This business no longer needs to travel to major companies. The profession of the graphics industry is not only based on creativity, it feeds on it mainly. It allows its users to benefit from every source of inspiration around them. Therefore, inspiration must be brought to your CV file, and you must be confident. Specifically, it is the job of dreams for many. It’s a good pay and fun job online.

7 – The world of promotional filmmaking
Film Industry – Sony Video Camera Lens

There is already someone who has a good background in the filmmaking world but has no desire to link to a particular place of photography. Do not worry, you’re here in the world of promotional filmmaking.

Those films may be:

Video Advertisement for
Short music video
Short film trailer.
Today, the media use these videos in almost everything, and platforms – in the form of videos – are also increasing day after day. Often, work in this area requires traveling to different locations for photography. So if you are a travel enthusiast – internal or external – you are the ideal person for that job, but if you are not or can not, you can make videos online. Everything you want is now available.

8. Translator

As an online translator, all you need to do is master another language to be able to translate from and into it. It is the ideal job for telecommuting and the most popular. The translation job is very clear where there is no complexity, as you can do entirely from home.

You may need to review your work at first, but once you practice it a lot, develop your skills so that you can be literal without review, as well as convey the feelings and ideas of the original work writer with precision and skill.

Working in translation is challenging, but that does not prevent it from being boring at times. Choose what ignites your enthusiasm.

The most important factor of success in any of the previous functions is time management, do not engage in a business forgetting the amount of time required; so as not to be surprised at the end of each period that you did not receive the profit you planned.

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See current price of Nigerian International passport

If you want to become a holder of Nigeria International passport you must know its price. How much is Nigerian International passport? We have all the information here for you.

How much does Nigerian International passport cost?

The International passport price in Nigeria is, as usual, still a confusing issue. There was information that the price for obtaining a passport would be increased. This is unfair because, why should people pay for a document that they are entitled to receive for free since they are citizens of Nigeria? Why should they buy their own country’s passport? Regardless of this point, if you want to get this passport then it’s safe to say that you will have to pay a fee.

In 2014, there was an increase in the cost of Nigerian International Passport. The Nigerian Immigration Service increased the price from N7,000 to N20,000. The fee is already so huge but the NIS wants to increase it even more.

But today there is another problem. Now about 4000 applications are in a hitch in different passport offices. All because there are no booklets. That is why the cost is growing – the booklets are unavailable and the exchange rate is changing.

You might be wondering:

“How much is Nigerian International Passport now?”

If you apply in Nigeria, here are the numbers:

1. Age 0-17, booklet type – 32 pages – N8,750; booklet type 64 pages – N20,000.

2. Age 18-59, booklet type – 32 pages – N15,000; booklet type 64 pages – N20,000.

3. Age 60+ – booklet type – 32 pages – N8,750; booklet type 64 pages – N20,000.

The price in all embassies, consulates, and high commissions in US dollar:

1. Age 0-17, booklet type – 32 pages – $65; booklet type 64 pages – $125.

2. Age 18-59, booklet type – 32 pages – $94; booklet type 64 pages – $125.

3. Age 60+ – booklet type – 32 pages – $65; booklet type 64 pages – $125.

You should also know about the requirements if you intend to pay outside of Nigeria. The payment will be in US dollars if you choose to process your document in another country. In order to fill the application and to pay in US dollars you will be re-directed to an approved payment platform.

When you’re done with the payment, attend your interview with the relevant documents. To print the NIS e-receipt on the home page of the portal, click on the “Query your application payment status” link. Select “Passport” option on the next page. It will be under the “Application type”.


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Cheap Glo data plans in 2018

Glo data plans are among the best network propositions in Nigeria. In this article, we are going to show you the latest plan code, tariffs, and other details. Don’t waste time, try new internet data plans by Glo.

Glo latest data plan in 2018
Glo data plan in Nigeria
Glo is known as the best provider of data plans in Nigeria. The network covers all the country. In this post we will tell you about Glo data plans of 2018, be ready to find out about daily, weekly, monthly, weekends and night options of data plans. You will also find out the codes and prices of the newest data plans.

Glo latest data plan in 2018
It should be said that Glo is among the cheapest providers of mobile networks in Nigeria. Among our list there is latest Glo data plan for Android, Blackberry, Windows phones or IOS, the owners of all kinds of modern devices can enjoy new data plans.

Choose the best Glo data plan 2018 from our list
Daily data plans
30MB for N50, dial 12714# for activation
N100 for 100MB, dial 12751# for activation
N200 for 200MB it is valid for 3 days, dial 12756# for activation
Weekly data plans
N500 for 1.6GB valid for 10 days. Dial 12757# for activation
Monthly data plans (valid for 30 days)
N1,000 for 3.2GB, dial 12753# for activation
N2,000 for 7.5GB, dial 12755# for activation
Glo latest data plan in 2018
N2,500 for 10GB, dial 12758# for activation
N3,000 for 12GB, dial 12754# for activation
N4,000 for 18GB, dial 12759# for activation
N5,000 for 24GB, dial 1272# for activation
N8,000 for 48GB, dial 1271# for activation
N15,000 for 60GB, dial 12712# for activation
N18,000 for 90GB, dial 12713# for activation
The weekend and night plans
N200 for 1GB one night plan. Dial 12760# for activation
Don’t forget to check Glo data plan balance, you can do this by dialing 1270#

Now you know Glo data plan codes and tariffs, don’t waste time and try the data plans by Glo.

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Obasanjo hits Buhari and APC hard again.

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo has again criticised the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari, maintaining that the government has failed.


The former president said this on Monday when he received members of the New Nigeria group at the Olusegun Obasanjo Presidential Library in Abeokuta, the Ogun State capital.

“The first lesson I learnt in my military training is never reinforce failure; what we have now is failure. Never you reinforce failure, let failure be failure,” he said.

Obasanjo had on Tuesday (January 23, 2018) issued a 13-page statement, criticising President Buhari’s performance and calling for a new movement to salvage the country from its challenges.

He had also warned the President against seeking re-election, alleging that the present government has failed in one of the areas it pitched as its ‘key point of action’ when it assumed office – the anti-corruption fight.


Incompetent Government?

Addressing members of the New Nigeria group at his residence today, the former president rated the present administration as ineffective.

He said, “The truth is this – when you have an ineffective and incompetent government, we are all victims and don’t let anybody deceive you.

“Those of you who are in business, your business could have been better today if we have a competent and effective and performing government.”

Obasanjo also accused the President of having a “poor understanding” of the dynamics of internal politics.

He warned Nigerians not to get carried away by the recent apology tendered by the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), as well as the reforms of the All Progressives Congress (APC).

“This time, for us to make it, we need all hands on deck,” Obasanjo stated. “I have publicly said and I mean it that as a party, neither PDP nor APC can get us there; never mind about reforms and apology and all that,” he said.

Obasanjo further asked the APC to stop giving excuses that it has yet to perform better because it met challenges, noting that the party was aware of the challenges before it wrestled power from the PDP.

He then asked youths in the country to rise up to the challenge of providing the much needed new generation of leadership for the development of Nigeria’s socio-economic and political development.

The former president also asked the younger generation to take the bull by the horn, if they must effectively confront “power addicts” in their resolve to achieve the set goals and objectives of providing an alternative in the political leadership of the country.

He stressed the need for a “strong popular grassroots movement” in Nigeria, saying that’s the way to bring about the change, sustainability and stability the nation needs in its democracy

On the flip said, the former president said, “You cannot take PDP as it is, and APC as it is; but they are not all made of evil people, there are good people. I said PDP is leprous hand, APC is leprous hand, but there are some clean fingers in them.

“So, let’s take those clean fingers in them and graft the clean fingers in our own. That is the way to go and if we go that way, we will get there.

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