Three(3) sure ways to make money on Tooloaded NG without investing a dime

Life is all about opportunity and when it comes to tapping from real opportunity at no cost, you should think of knowing about Tooloaded NG. Tooloaded NG is a multi-purpose blog (as its name sounds) that engaged in rendering Numerous beneficial services (like Dailly News Update,Sponsored Advert Publishing,Share and earn, Read and earn, Cheap web design, Web Design Training, Free ads listing,online mart,Video posting and many more that are still loading) to any willing individual or group of people who care to tap from these opportunities.

You can read more about Tooloaded NG Here

In the light of this, We are pleased to inform you on how you could tap from these numerous opportunities on Tooloaded NG and begin to make both residual and passive income into your account.

Here are the three areas that could earn you money when you choose to work with Tooloaded NG.
1. Affiliate Marketing: Under this, we have several packages we are marketing to targeted individuals or organizations. Among them are;
a. Web design and training package (you will earn as low as N500 = $1.5 per person referred)
b. Cheap web Design (you will earn as low as N700 = $2 per person referred)
c. Sales of Training materials and other knowledge resources. (you will earn as low as 200 = $0.7 per person referred)
Note: the earnings above will be awarded manually according to number of people referred while you still have another automatic earning in your affiliate dashboard as new clients registers and makes payment through your link. You will continue to earn as low as $0.3 per person.
Just a single affiliate link works for all. Sign up now!!!

2. Publishing: Our publishing programme is for writers who are willing to use their skill to promote our platform. In this, you are your own boss as you will only write and publish at your wish. Reward (Earnings) are attached to each post you published on Tooloaded NG.  You stand to earn more money when your post generates reasonable traffic. See Earning Rates here.

3.Read, share and Earn: In this programme on Tooloaded NG, you will continue to earn residual income by visiting and reading and or sharing our daily posts on Tooloaded NG.Our read and programme is a platform whereby all your activities on the platform earns you direct money.

Sponsored posts are paid for and we are ready to share our revenue with you. You will earn as low as N50 per posts shared on Facebook. Note that this cash reward system will be a manual process to avoid undue spamming, scamming and many other fraudulent ways. Sign Up  here.

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