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Today we going have a talk on how to travel abroad with no money. If you like comfortable hotels and not ready to deny yourself comforts for the sake of realizing a dream, then this is surely not for you. An advice for you is simple: work long and hard, and one day, perhaps you will manage to accumulate the amount necessary for such a trip. For the rest, who do not seek easy ways, we will tell how to travel independently across the world without money or with a minimal amount.

How to travel abroad with no money and lots of smiles

Let’s start with the bad, but rather predictable news: it’s hardly possible to fix such a journey without a penny. There are two items of expenditure, which cannot be omitted. The first is a visa. Of course, you can ask a trafficker to smuggle you across the border, but, firstly, this will create a number of obstacles during the illegal stay in the country, and secondly, we prefer legitimate ways of traveling.

The second is medical insurance. Before you go travelling around the world with no money, you need to understand clearly that this adventure is often dangerous. Medical care abroad is very expensive and if something happens – your relatives will have to spend a fortune on your treatment.

At this point, we should tie with bad news and pass to something positive. Any trip costs on areas: transport, habitation, and food. We will dwell on each of them in detail, considering both extreme ways of saving, and ordinary ones.

Transport in travel

The freest mode of transport in the world is pit stop. There are some nuances, but for hardcore tourists, it is the very thing. Those who do not want to rely on the case can search for fellow travelers on services, like blablacar.

A bicycle is the choice of hardy travelers who are in no hurry. Fortunately, European countries have all the conditions for cycling. The bus is an inexpensive means of transport, suitable for short journeys between cities. Carefully study the route and the cost of tickets. Often happens, that the price of shifting tickets will be much more low, than on a direct flight.

The train is also inexpensive, especially if you book tickets in advance. It is better to choose night passages. If you’re lucky, you can sleep, saving your time and hotel costs.


If you are asking how to travel abroad with no money, then you should think about cheap ways of a housing. For those who carry all their own with them, camping would be an ideal option. Free, safe, has everything you need, plus fresh air. What else is needed?

If you want an option with no costs, you can choose a proposition of an exchange holiday or a house sitting. In the first case, you provide your housing in exchange for someone else’s, in the second – you look after the house in the absence of the owners. As well, in any tourist city, you can find a hostel — a cheap version of a hotel, where you can find everything you need.

There are many international volunteer organizations that will gladly accept active young people who want to travel while helping other people or the planet. Housing, road, food – all inclusive. You have a chance not only to leave to travel the world but also to make it a little better.


Forget about the restaurants on the tourist streets. Look for inconspicuous cafes in crowded alleys, where locals eat. It will be guaranteed tasty and inexpensive. Even better option: cook yourself from products purchased in the market. So you can save at least 50% of the budget for food. And if you buy only promotional products or those which are about to expire the expiration date, then even more.

Useful tips for saving money in travel

  • How to travel abroad with no money, if you have a lot of things with you? It would be really hard. When you are going to the trip, stick to the good old rule: prepare all the essentials and take from it exactly half. Choose a comfortable backpack to avoid discomfort.
  • In tourist cities, start reconnaissance from the stations. Usually, there are information centers for tourists, where you can get maps and guide notes, as well as find out where you can cheaply snack and sleep.
  • You can visit cafes to charge your gadgets. There you can also use the Internet. If there is no money for snacking, you can peek the wireless pass on a check left by someone.
  • And the last tip. Before you go to travel without money, think about why you need it? If for sightseeing, then, most likely, you will be disappointed. Most of the time your brain will be occupied with thoughts about where to get food and spend the night. All that you will see are highways, train stations, and the same hippy tourists. But if you are looking for thrills and new acquaintances – then all this will be in abundance. You look at the world, return to your home, full of impressions, and hardly ever will forget this journey.

Work while traveling

If your work does not suit for travel and does not bring sufficient funds that would allow you to go on a tour around the world, and travel is exactly what you are so hungry for, then there is good news for you. There are many programs and opportunities that allow people to travel around the world and work simultaneously. For example:

  1. Au Pair
  2. Work & Travel

If such options are not suitable due to your age, education or any other reasons, pay attention to that work, which is connected with a travel. For example:

  1. Flight attendant
  2. Work on cruise liners
  3. An employee in a hostel or hotel
  4. Tour guide

Also, if you have some interesting or rare skills and can teach it to others or just work in freelancing. Naturally, these options will not give you a lot of money, but they will cover the expenses in your journey.

We hope that our guide on how to travel abroad with no money would be useful for your future journeys. Don’t forget to check your backpack in travel and stay with Naija wherever you would go.



  1. Its better one travel with money than taking those risks which lead to lose of live along the line.

  2. I just wish I can have such opportunity to travel abroad.

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