How to Unlock android pattern without formatting it.

If there is one feature that must always be enabled when you purchase a new android phone, it’s USB Debugging. Simply go to Settings > Developer options to turn it on. If you can’t find it, go to about phone, tap the build number about 11 times or thereabout go back to your settings you should see developer options there.

Basically these 3 ways to unlock your android device needs USB DEBUGGING to be enabled in your device already. However if it’s not enabled you may have to reset your phone. if the normal reset does not work check

If you can’t gain access to your Android device due to forgetting the Voice unlock, PIN, pattern lock, slide lock or password protection then here are some methods you could employ. some of these methods will also teach you how to hack and bypass Android Password/Pattern/Face/PI

use mtkdroidtools to run adb mode

Wipe pattern in adb
* In adb, run the following commands


adb devices
adb shell
cd data/system
rm *.key

  • Now, remove the battery then boot the phone.
  • If presented with a lock screen, just enter any pattern and you’ll be granted access

Gesture.key removal
* In adb, type
adb shell rm /data/system/gesture.key then press enter
The lock will be removed

Unlock using Google account
If the Android device is associated with a Google account then simply supply your credentials to regain access. If mobile network data isn’t enabled then you can use WIFI. WIFI can be enabled in ABD ( *Note: USB Debugging needs to be enabled).
In ADB, type:
 adb devices then press Enter
 adb shell svc wifi enable then press Enter

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